More and more people want to become aware of the need to acquire habits that are eco-friendly, or more commonly understood, respectful with the environment. Our brand values ??go hand in hand with a social and environmental responsibility that has a positive effect on the stability of the planet and that our actions and decisions are respectful and at the same time responsible towards social and environmental well-being.

At Luna Brands we take into account the great impact of the overproductions generated by the textile industry and its repercussions both on the environment and also on the working conditions of the people in the countries that produce most of these overproductions, So from Luna brands we join the slow fashion movement. We are 100% transparent in our production processes, we avoid excess production, we create garments for fair trade, with higher quality and exclusivity, and we always defend responsible consumption.

We believe in local production and we defend the circular economy, that is why all our garments are made in Barcelona. We have a very close collaboration and a win-win business model with all local suppliers, so we reduce pollution and waste generated by the production chain to very low levels and also ensure the quality of the garments and the good service. We use organic materials, some of our models are 100% recycled from natural and vegetable fibrous material in addition to reusing leftover textile remains from the productions. We opted for a local production that chooses resources and dyeing processes that use 85% less water, 35% less energy, 85% less steam and 40% less chemicals than traditional dyeing.

To help restore a clean ocean, we joined the Seaqual Initiative, an initiative that works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean our oceans. Marine debris is collected, and the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into recycled marine plastic. From now on, an important part of the new bathroom collections will be created with Seaqual fabric, a recycled plastic raw material with which we will transform into sustainable fashion.

And not only this, but since 2021 we have also been part of the BCorp initiative, a global business movement with which we work to reduce inequality and poverty, take care of the environment, strengthen communities and create high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose, in short, to generate a positive impact for our employees, the communities and the environment.

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