Luna Brands was born in San Diego. Joan Marc, its founder, was studying an MBA and felt the need to express and show the world what filled him, his principles, lifestyle and values. His passion for nature, surfing and animals were the base of his inspiration to undertake a project whose core was always environmental and social responsibility. Guided by his family’s textile origins, Luna was taking its first steps as a swimwear brand marked by its values of responsibility, which even today, are the pillar of its philosophy and lifestyle. 

Joan Marc found the way to transmit these values by drawing inspiration from nature and using it as the basis for creating the swimwear designs and for all the other collections that Luna has been developing and launching over the years: Luna Clothes, Luna Lux, Luna Intima and Luna Beach.

The colors, shapes and textures present in nature are the base of all creations, transporting us to the best paradisiacal beaches, with the wildest fabrics and the most attractive shapes. All the pieces are made with natural fabrics and organic prints that offer total comfort to achieve the greatest sensation of freedom. 

A self-confident, empowered, free, dreamer, traveler, passionate, adventurous woman… Our collections unite two wonders, the woman and her unique way of dressing with a great natural footprint. Restless and concerned about taking care of herself, the planet and the world around her.

She enjoys each and every one of the natural sensations…

Luna Brands Essence

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